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The PT-AR Lok by Precision Tactical is a revolutionary approach to AR-15 safety and 2017 California compliance that provides owners an unprecedented level of security and flexibility. Safeguard your AR-15 against unauthorized use, injuries and accidents with the easy-to-install, dual component design that allows legal installation options for all fifty states*.

When operated as a safety storage device, the included breech block prevents the weapon from the ability to receive a round thus preventing any unauthorized use or accident.

By removing the breech block, there is no better compliance device to permanently affix a magazine. The hidden magic designed into the replacement inner button reveals precision machined channels on the backside of the inner button that engages tiny (yet strong...and very effective) stainless steel pins. These pins in turn engage the channels and this locks the button in place. 

Only a PT-AR LOK key will disable the pins and allow the inner button to rotate. 

The magazine can only be removed by inserting the key while maintaining inward pressure and rotating it counter-clockwise approx 3-4 complete turns. Another magazine cannot be inserted and locked into place without inserting the key (again maintaining inward pressure) and turning it clockwise 3-4 turns after magazine installation. This action of removal/reinstallation of the magazine functionally disables the ammunition feeding system and is the ONLY device approved by the CA DOJ that performs this critical compliance feature. Disabling the ammunition feeding system then disables the semi-automatic firearm action. 

For use with AR-15 style rifles and/or rifles that incorporate a standard AR-15 magazine release button. Clearly outperforms trigger and gable locks in safety and ease of operation.

Independently tested and approved to meet and exceed safety standards established by the California Dept. of Justice AC 978.20(a) by H.P. White Laboratory, the leading provider of specialized testing services, validation, and certification of ammunition, firearms and armor to Federal, State and Local Government agencies. 

*As of October 12, 2016 this device can be seen on California Department of Justice website approved for sale.  As such, we can legally say "This is a California-approved Firearms Safety Device that meets the requirements of Penal Code Section 23655 and the regulations issued there under." And as you probably guessed, there's laws governing who can say this.  Laws like Penal Code 23650 and 23655 that prohibits those who are not on the list from saying 'they are'. We're proud to say 'We Can'!

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